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Incantations is a positive and high vibe spiritual company providing you 1:1 healing sessions as well as group classes and work shops. We also provide beautifully crafted energy tools via our Etsy store.

Etsy Shop

Please click on the link below to be redirected to my Etsy shop "Incantations1co". I created this online store to provide you with tools to support your spiritual journey. Every item listed is sacred and beautifully crafted.

Etsy Shop

Sacred Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing sessions with Karina are a unique experience. They are designed to aligning your energy to your true Soul's essence. 

We will clear limiting beliefs, energy blocks,fears, outdated oaths, vows and contracts that may be prohibiting you from living the life you truly desire.

You will discover and reconnect to your unique soul's essence!


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Work Shops

Crystal grids, Manifesting with Crystals, Reiki courses, Moon Circles and more!

Smudging and clearing Class

Incantations is fully insured and accredited. Any information that may be found on the website or while in a healing session is not presented as a substitute for medication, nor intended to be substituted for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

Always seek the advise of your medical physician, other medical professional or qualified healthcare provider with any questions

that you might have about a medical condition or your well-being.  

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